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    Gran Waldt ‘41 Bowling Benefit—Huge Success!!!

    The Gran Waldt ’41 Bowling Benefit turned out to be a great success raising a total of $4029 to help renovate the laundry/storage building as the new SSVC Alumni Museum!

    The No-Tap Bowling Tournament consisted of two games of No-Tap: either 8 or 9 pins on your first ball was counted as a strike.  Bob Krieger ’75 summed it up best when he said, “It was a blast!”

    Gran ‘41 and Mary Waldt
    Gran ‘41 and Mary Waldt

    There were 28 alumni and friends at Nellie Fox Bowl at the Reunion in June; however, we started out with a field of 41.  It was like “Ten Little Indians”: one fell off a ladder, and then there were 40; one had an operation, and then there were 39; one fell on a step, and then there were 38, and so on.  The field stretched from the ‘40s to the ‘80s.  Jamie Brown and his wife Mindy drove from Ohio to bowl in memory of Jamie’s dad Jim  Brown who graduated in 1942.  Gran Waldt was the oldest bowler and our youngest bowler, Marietta Watkins, graduated in 1984.

    Tom Eagle ’72 bowled a 300 his first game.  It was the only 300 game of the tournament; however, Becky Hayden Carl ’71 had 11 strikes in a row.  Someone called attention to the 11 Xes after her name on the overhead monitor.  We all turned to watch her throw her 12th and final ball.  We must have made her nervous, as she left 4 pins standing for a score of 296. She was the top Ladies’ winner with a total of 504 pins!  Hector Robinson’s ’73 539 total put him in first place for the men; second place of 526 pin fall was awarded to Tom Everly and the third place finisher for the men with a total of 508 points was Tom Eagle ’72Pat Eagle finished in second place for the ladies totaling 449 points and third place was awarded to Bonnie Thompson who finished with 434 pins. Fourth Place tie: Gran ’41 and Mary Waldt; 5th Place: Mindy Brown; 6th Place: Jim Brown ’62; 7th Place: Evelyn Millhouse McElwain ’68; 8th Place: Ralph Dusman; 9th Place John Klenzing; 10th Place Mark Dye.

    2015 Bowling Benefit Bowlers: Front: Gran Waldt ‘41 and Preston Jones ‘69. Second Row: Mindy Brown, Jamie Brown, Kelly Ramsden Herr, Mabel Mapes Keagy ‘49 behind Gran, Becky Hayden Carl ‘71, Vickie Portner Cook ‘73, Hector Robinson ‘73, Jim Brown ‘62, Bonnie Thompson, Mary Waldt. Third row: Michelle Dye, George Ramsden ‘44, Pat Eagle, Tom Eagle ‘72, Frank Frame, Ralph Dusman. Back Row: Gary Miller, Tom Everly, Marietta Watkins ‘84, Bob Krieger ‘75, Evelyn Millhouse McElwain ‘68, Coach John Klenzing,. Missing from Picture: Beth Houser, Rik Herr and Mark Dye.
    2015 Bowling Benefit Bowlers: Front: Gran Waldt ‘41 and Preston Jones ‘69. Second Row: Mindy Brown, Jamie Brown, Kelly Ramsden Herr, Mabel Mapes Keagy ‘49 behind Gran, Becky Hayden Carl ‘71, Vickie Portner Cook ‘73, Hector Robinson ‘73, Jim Brown ‘62, Bonnie Thompson, Mary Waldt. Third row: Michelle Dye, George Ramsden ‘44, Pat Eagle, Tom Eagle ‘72, Frank Frame, Ralph Dusman. Back Row: Gary Miller, Tom Everly, Marietta Watkins ‘84, Bob Krieger ‘75, Evelyn Millhouse McElwain ‘68, Coach John Klenzing,. Missing from Picture: Beth Houser, Rik Herr and Mark Dye.

    The bowlers signed a bowling pin donated by Rudy Goetz, owner and manager of Nellie Fox Bowl, as a memento to Gran. “I love it! Thanks ever so much,” Gran said.  “I couldn’t ask for a nicer family than my Scotland brothers and sisters!” Gran donated the pin to the Museum because the Bowling Benefit became a new piece of history for the SSVC Alumni.

    Gran said, “Without the help of The Fundraiser Committee of Sally Sheaffer ‘65, Evelyn Millhouse McElwain ‘68 and Mary Waldt, the bowling benefit fundraiser would not have turned out the way it did.  They worked hard continuously and with much determination. They deserve a lot of credit.”

    Our thanks to Mary Waldt for this article and pictures.


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    Alumni News – Fall 2015

    Glenn E. Kempf ‘43:  Glenn lost his wife Agnes in October of 2014.  He has moved forward and is still in his own home, taking care of himself with support from his family.  During WWII, Glenn helped set up the first field hospital on Omaha Beach, Normandy. Glenn is waiting for the award of the French “Legion d’Honneur” medal for his service during WWII in the liberation of France.  Quite an impressive legacy and thanks for your service, Glenn!

    James A. Shaffer, Sr. ‘47:  Jim Shaffer and his wife, Shelvie were married 57 years on June 14th. How nice they shared their wedding anniversary a day early at the banquet during Reunion with Jim’s Scotland brothers and sisters.

    Richard C. “Red” Claypool ‘50:  Elaine Claypool, wife of “Red”,  informed Peggy Moore Stout ‘54 that in 2013 Red was inducted into the Hall of Fame (HOF), honoring him for having won the most games of any head football coach at Fairfax High School (FHS) in Virginia.  Red was not able to attend his HOF Induction Dinner but their son Greg who played football for his dad at FHS, made Red’s acceptance speech.  Red received a lovely plaque.  Elaine also told Peggy that Red touched so many young lives during his years of coaching.  Men who are now in their sixties keep in contact after many years – writing him letters to thank him for his good influence.  They say his old style coaching was tough but instilled a “mental toughness” that has lent them strength and success throughout their lives.  Due to illness, Red is unable to attend reunions though he did for many,many years. Elaine also saidthat Red always felt this was a “family reunion” because of the close bond we have for each other.


    The picture of Red was taken while he played football for George Washington University.  Red made us proud as a Cadet and throughout the rest of his life also!

    William Lawrence ‘50:  This note from Bill, “Dear Classmates! The newsletter brings fond memories of “Friends” and times at S.O.S.  Your Reunion would be a pleasant recount of these many classmates, teachers, and house parents. Regretfully I do not travel well, so my close association will be the newsletter.  I will continue to remember our classmates and wish you all good health and may God Bless each and all. Regards, Bill Lawrence.”  Thanks for your note, Bill. It is always good to hear from you!

    Wayne Shuler ‘50:  Wayne recently underwent a time of serious medical issues he dealt with.  When he needed it most, his Scotland brothers and sisters were there with cards, a fruit basket, flowers, and several phone calls.  Wayne is fine now and was touched by your response. He said to say thank you and tell you how much he appreciated hearing from everyone.

    Wilda Prince Hartzell ‘52: Wilda had surgery in August and is currently in rehab. Wilda was so touched by all the cards she received and wanted us to pass on her sincere thanks to her SOS/SSVC brothers and sisters.  She thinks of SSVC as her extended family and the contact meant so much to her.

    Stephen P. Gelet ‘61:  Steve was one of our best athletes, especially carrying a football to the opponent’s end zone. Following  the last football game of his senior year, the other team’s coach  came over and told Steve he was a great player. This was a true tribute to Steve. Steve gave of his time to help clean up the Museum in May 2015. Thanks, Steve for bringing pride to our school your senior year and for helping with the Museum!

    Sylvia Shrawder Mathieu ‘61:  Sylvia wants to say thank you to all her Scotland brothers and sisters who expressed their sympathy through cards and prayers at the loss of her sister Rose Shrawder Hoke ‘54 in 2014 and her sister Ginny Shrawder Ferrizzi ‘57 in 2015.  Sylvia is especially grateful to her Scotland brothers and sisters who came to the celebration of life services for Rose and Ginny.

    Phyllis Fetterman McDermott ‘64:  Phyllis let us know she lost her husband in October 2014.  Phyllis has two sons, one of whom along with a grandson lives with her.  When Phyllis graduated, she spent several years working as a hair dresser. One of Phyllis’ talents is making prayer shawls and giving them to people in need. Someone made one for Phyllis and it meant a lot to Phyllis.  We wish Phyllis well.

    Ruth Patterson Manza ‘72:   Ruth lives in Fayetteville with her husband, Carmine . Ruth has  three boys, Buster, who is a teacher and coach in Shanghai, China, Chris and James. Ruth and Carmine have six grandchildren.  Both Ruth and Carmine’s parents were twins!

    Robert L. Conrath ‘71:  Bob has had more than his share of medical challenges this year.  But Bob and his wife, Connie have much joy in their lives also. They were married 40 years on April 11, 2015, have twin daughters who are both physical therapists, one son who has a set of twins, five grandchildren, and two great grandchildren!

    Chester Shaffer, Sr. ‘72:  Chester has been retired since March 28, 2014. He worked for P.M.F. in Williamsport for 41 years. During that time, Chester helped design and build aircraft engine parts for most major aircraft companies and rockets for all the branches of government. He worked on rocket  fuel cells for most of the satellites orbiting the earth right now.  Chester also was busy with his family: wife, Deb, eight children (5 boys and 3 girls), 18 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild. Congrats on all your accomplishments, Chester!

    Vernon Anthony Dryden III ‘97:  Since Vernon left Scotland in 1996 he has been busy getting his diploma, working, staying in touch with family, and raising his daughter, Taliana. Taliana is 7 and Vernon’s pride and joy. Keep up the great job, Vernon. We’re proud of you!

    Melvin Knight: Mr. Knight is doing well and said to give his best wishes to all the Scotland kids. Mr. Knight worked at Scotland during the 70’s through 1996.

    Reunion, June 12, 13, and 14, 2015

    Well, if you were there, you had a good time!  It was wonderful to see so many faces and smiles for the three days we were together.  As in two years ago, the American Legion Post 46 did a fantastic job providing culinary delights over the three days, the live bands were loud while entertaining, and Elvis was in the building on Saturday night. Yes, Mike Smith ‘70 (aka Elvis) did a few numbers for us and brought down the house.

    Members of the Class of 1975 attending their 40th Class Reunion
    Members of the Class of 1975 attending their 40th Class Reunion

     Anita Shaffer Hill ‘75 won the much admired and sought after 18k gold necklace and diamond pendant donated by Carol Eichelberger Wiser ‘75. Carol’s generosity netted the Association’s Museum Fund nearly $1000.00.  Thanks much, Carol!

    The first ever Granville Waldt Bowling Fundraiser was held on Saturday morning of Reunion.  Granville Waldt graduated with the class of 1941!  The feedback received from the bowlers is everyone had a ball (pardon the pun)!  The success of this fundraiser is in large part due to Gran’s two partners, his lovely wife, Mary and Evelyn Millhouse McElwain ‘68.  Without Mary and Evelyn offering the opportunity to so many, writing thank you’s to all who were associated and/or contributed to the fundraiser in any way and their dedication to the SSVC Alumni Association, the fundraiser wouldn’t have raised the amazing amount of $4000.00!  Thank you to Gran, Mary and Evelyn for all their efforts on behalf of the Association and the Museum Fund!!!

    Sally Sheaffer ‘65 was honored for her 12 years of service as secretary on Friday and Saturday evenings.  She is grateful to have gotten the support from the alumni.

    If you didn’t get to the Museum, you missed a golden opportunity.  Those of us who visited the Museum on campus thought it was first class, giving all such a feeling of nostalgia and wonderful memories, derived from years spent living those moments viewed in the Museum.  There really is something for everyone!  Jim Lowe ‘70 did a fantastic job decorating the entire Museum!  Jim  had help from 25 alumni along with himself who cleaned and moved items, cleaned and moved more items, and still more. (You get the picture).  Thanks to all the alumni who helped move and prep items for display in the Museum!

    And, speaking of Jim Lowe ‘70, tribute was paid to Jim and Ruby Lowe on Friday and Saturday evenings at the dinners.  Jim served us proudly for the last 12 years and this year’s reunion was another example of the excellent job Jim did.  Jim’s focus was keeping our Scotland family together and Reunion proved he did just that.  Kudos to Jim and Ruby for their 12 years of dedicated service to the SSVC Alumni Association!








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    Alumni Events and Information – Spring 2015

    September 2014 Picnic:  The September picnic was well attended, over 100 alumni and friends of SSVC were able to come out and enjoy the day together.  Many thanks to Hector Robinson ‘73 and the Alumni Association Officers for their support of the picnic.  Everyone seemed to have a good time and it is a sure thing that nobody left the picnic hungry!  Many of us are already looking forward to next year’s picnic!

    11th Annual Golf Tournament, October 2014We had a fabulous day (after it stopped raining). There was a full field of golfers and many volunteers. Without all people present and some involved in the preparation for this event, it would not have been the success it was.  All told, there were  about 30 alumni, family members  and former employees who supported the tournament along with the dedicated golfers from Veteran Service Organizations and  other friends of SSVC. We thank all them and the many donors who championed the golf tournament and helped the Association to continue the golf tournament and helped the Association to continue to honor veterans and preserve the rich history of SSVC.

    Homecoming” Dinner, November 8th, 2014: To say that everyone had a good time is an understatement. The venue (American Legion) was warm and welcoming, the food simply delicious, the band rocked, and the fellowship was out of this world! Thanks to the “Door Prize Fairies” for making the evening more enjoyable for nearly everyone! During the banquet, Mary and Gran Waldt ‘41 announced they would sponsor a bowling fundraiser, the “Gran Waldt Bowling Fundraiser”, for the Museum Project at reunion in June 2015. Mary read a speech she and Gran prepared. Follows are excerpts from the speech: “… When you think of it, your Museum contains a little piece of each one of you. Many of you have donated items from your own collection to add to the museum. Put them all together and you have wonderful Scotland memories shared for posterity. It’s your heritage. It will be there for all Scotland kids to remember and for the public to see.

    For many of you like Granville, you became a Scotland Kid because of your family circumstances. Scotland School became a lifeline of hope for the future. Granville attributes teachers and staff for encouraging and supporting him.

    Gran says, “The Museum is the only thing they didn’t take away from us. It’s the only thing we have left. They can take Scotland from us but they can never take Scotland out of us!” Therefore, the Museum project means a lot to Gran, so much so that he wants to do something to help convert the SSVC laundry building into the SSVC Alumni Museum. Since he is an avid bowler, Gran is holding a bowling fundraiser at Nellie Fox Bowl in Chambersburg to raise money toward repairs and renovations of the building.

    To help you understand the magnitude of this project, just one can of roofing paint costs a little over a hundred dollars! We need a lot of paint to coat the roof. The Association needs all the help it can get. And as Gran says, “It’s for all of us. ”Gran turned 92 and is still bowling. If he can do it, so can you! He says, “It’s not how good you are, but rather how much fun you can have with your Scotland brothers and sisters. …”

    The bowling fundraiser is for SSVC Alumni and their spouses, family members of Scotland Alumni over 18 years of age, close friends of those bowling who want to help, and former staff. The entry fee is $20 per person.  Mary added if you cannot join her and Gran for bowling, they are hopeful you will consider making a donation to the cause.

    Student Records:   Alumni and Students with graduating years of 1976-2009 need to contact the DMVA. The contact person at DMVA is Marie Thomas. Her number is 717-861-8656. Ms. Thomas has your records at Ft. Indiantown Gap in Annville, PA and is very helpful and quick to turn around requests. Alumni and Students with graduating years of 1895-1975 need to request records from the PA State Archives. You may ask the State Archives representative to copy everything in your record. To release copies of files to former students and alumni, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania State Archives will need a written request from the student/alumnus, signed by the student/alumnus.  Send the student/alumnus’s full name, date of birth and Social Security number.  Research and copy fees will apply to mail requests.  The Research fee is $15.00 for requests from Pennsylvania residents; $25.00 for requests from out of state. The Copy fee for the first 10 pages is free; thereafter it is $0.50 per page plus shipping and handling for additional pages. Mail your request to State Archives, PA Historical & Museum Commission, 350 North St., Harrisburg, PA 17120-0090. If the student/alumnus visits in person, the State Archives representative will need to see current identification such as a driver’s license or passport. Copying fees will apply:  $0.50 per page.  For inquiries, the State Archives number is:  (717) 783-3281. 

    SSVC Scholarships: When the Foundation of SSVC dissolved in 2012, Frank Frame, CEO and the members of the Board awarded the remaining monies to four educational institutions.  They are University of Pittsburgh, Shippensburg University, Carson Long, and the Chambersburg Area Senior Hight School. A fifth organization, CORE, worked with the Foundation of SSVC. Its mission is to enhance residential education.  These organizations continue the legacy of Scotland School through their scholarship recipients and assistance to other residential educational institutions. Thank you to Mr. Frame and the members of the Board of the former Foundation of SSVC!

    John McCallister Scholarship: One of the schools awarded monies from the Foundation of SSVC after the school closed is the University of Pittsburgh. The scholarship, named for John McCallister, is valued at $5,000 and was awarded to Major John Collado, US Army. Frank Frame, former superintendent and CEO of the Foundation of SSVC, attended a luncheon with Alan Williamson, former member of the Foundation of SSVC, and Major Collado. We offer our congratulations to Major Collado!  For more information on the McCallister Scholarship, please contact Ms. Jean M. Hale, Director of Alumni Relations and Development, University of Pittsburgh Graduate School and International Affairs, 3408 Wesley Posvar Hall, Pittsburgh, PA 15230,  Office: 412-624-6660; Mobile: 412-297-9509.