Doris Deal Siler ’46 lives in California. Doris and her husband, Harold, were married 67 years (as of September 22, 2013)!  Doris said her mother said it wouldn’t last.  Doris has long been a big supporter of her alma mater. And, we appreciate hearing from Doris.

Jim Shaffer ’47 and his wife Shelvie of Lake Ariel, PA have been to Disney World 19 out of 20 years. They took their sons, then grandchildren and this year they took great-grandchildren! On several of their trips to Orlando, FL, they spent some time with Tony DeMarco ’43.  For the record, Jim was a Medic in the Army during the Korean War. Thank you for your service, Jim!

Gay Cocker, wife of William C. Cocker ’57 who died on March 30, 2013 sent a note to the Association dated May 15, 2013. It reads, “Sisters and Brothers of Scotland School:  I am writing this note of thanks to all of you who were so kind to remember one of your Brothers William C. Cocker Sr., who since October 2012 was in and out of Hospitals and physical therapy till he passed away on March 30, 2013.    He wanted me to write to tell you all how he so looked forward to receiving the funny and thoughtful prayers in cards from his Brothers and Sisters.  He enjoyed all of them.  I want to thank you too for making his days go faster.  If you have ever been in a hospital, you know what I mean.  You cheered him when he was low and the prayers you sent got him through 5 surgeries. I know that God will bless you all and I will continue to pray for you all.  With love to all, Thank You, Gay R. Cocker”.

The Quilt from Chuck ‘58 and Barb Hughes
The Quilt from Chuck ‘58 and Barb Hughes

Chuck ’58 and Barb Hughes attended Reunion in June 2013. They traveled all the way from Moses Lake, WA! Under Chuck’s watchful eye, Barb sewed a most beautiful quilt. The quilt has pictures of the members of the class of 1958, pictures of many of the buildings around campus and the words to the Alma Mater, shown on the quilt on this page. Thank you, Chuck and Barb, for a spectacular quilt that has been donated to the Association and will hang in our new museum.

Lois Kennedy Rheam ’61 and her husband, Larry celebrated their 50th anniversary on November 30, 2013.  On

November 24th, their children, Tena and George had a surprise 50th anniversary party at their church, Mt. Gilead UMC in Shermans Dale, PA where Lois and Larry live.

Leslie Campbell Maxwell ’66 became a first-time great grandmother to Taylor Jane in November 2013. Congratulations, Leslie! And you’re so young!

Preston C.  Jones ‘69 is taking a big step in April 2014. After 33 years, Preston plans to retire from SEPTA, Philadelphia’s mass transit system, as a bus operator. We are proud of you and wish you all the best. Congratulations on your upcoming retirement, Preston!

Al ‘71 and wife Connie Hart gave the Association their homemade quilt to raffle.  Won by Sally Sheaffer ‘65, she donated it to the Museum. Look for it next time you visit the museum.  Thanks Al and Connie!

Nancy Wright, former houseparent, attended the “Homecoming” dinner in November 2013 despite the serious medical issues she is undergoing. Nancy was all excited to get an address for George Smith ‘97 as George was a big help to her in the cottage. It was clear you made quite an impression on Nancy, George. It looks like a win-win situation having each other in your lives. Good job, George!

Barbie Hartman Feathers ‘67, Debbie Keefer Gilbert ‘67, Kay Beck Heavner ‘68, and Nancy Moless Egan ‘68 had a girls weekend at Nancy’s shore house in New Jersey. They all had a grand time and really enjoyed every moment. In fact, they would all agree their time together was absolutely heavenly!

Class of 1954, Reunion, June 8, 2013. Seven  alumni of the original 37 got together at the Orchards in Chambersburg. Amazing!

Pictured (from left to right):  Jerry Sanner (WA), Rose Marie Shrawder Hoke (PA), Tom Slee (PA), Corindo “Cory” DeLarurentis (PA), Paul Knouse (AZ), John Gibbons (PA), Eddie DePascale (NJ), Peggy Moore Stout (PA).  Note: 59th Reunion for the class of 1954.  This year is their 60th year since graduation! (Sorry for the earlier error. You know what I mean, Peggy!)

Sede R. Saunders ’95  is living in Florida and doing something magical. Sede is a Chef in one of the Magic Kingdom’s newest restaurants modeled after “Beauty and the Beast”! You make us proud, Sede!

Joel Scott ‘97 has done a magnificent job on the alumni website. Check it out:! And, Joel worked his magic while caring for his family, to include a new baby (Congrats!), working full time and staying in touch with friends and family.  Great job, Joel and thanks for your efforts!

Do you recognize the kids in this picture? Richard ‘64, Edie ‘69, Roger ‘70, and Ronald ‘66 Kolowitz! Cuties all! Thanks to Edie for sharing this photo with us.

Do you recognize the kids in this picture? Richard ‘64, Edie ‘69, Roger ‘70, and Ronald ‘66 Kolowitz! Cuties all! Thanks to Edie for sharing this photo with us.