Winebrenner Theological Seminary (WTS)
Scotland Campus, Scotland, PA

Winebrenner Theological Seminary purchased the Scotland campus on Thursday, June 6, 2013, nearly four years after the School was closed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.   Dr. David Newell, Vice President has made it clear that alumni are welcome on campus and Winebrenner wants all alumni to return “home”.

WTS has framed prints of the chapel (see print to the right)

Scotland Chapel
Scotland Chapel

available to anyone who may be interested. The print is the first of several campus buildings that will be painted. Prints may be purchased from WTS directly. Go to

What’s Happening on Campus?
Nurses education courses are offered in the hospital, international students from Korea reside in C-34 and C-36 while attending a Christian Academy, Penn State Mont Alto will offer courses in the fall as will Providence Christian Academy. A Day Care center is nearly ready to open. The gym is in use for various activities and a coffee shop is open in the Library.  Concerts are given in the auditorium. Weddings are happening in the chapel and there’s lots more!