Good morning One and All, Frank Frame, Jim Lowe ’70 and Sally Sheaffer ’65 are assisting Sarah Bair who is writing a book on the history of SOIS/SOS/SSVC. They are in need of pictures of Scotland to support the book Sarah is writing. The book is divided into six chapters and each chapter will cover students and events from Circa 1895 – 1917, Circa 1918 – 1940, Circa 1941 – 1963, Circa 1964 – 1990, and Circa 1991 – 2009. The chapters are: Chapter 1. – Historical Overview; Chapter 2. – Scotland Kids; Chapter 3. – Military Tradition, Work and Discipline; Chapter 4. – The School Experience (academics/curriculum/trades); Chapter 5. – Extracurricular Activities and Recreation; and Chapter 6. –Fight for Survival. We need pictures that speak to the criteria in the chapters and for all eras. It is important that pictures identify the year or as close as possible, the site and names of students in the picture, where possible.

Pictures should be mailed to Frank Frame. We need the original picture. Please indicate if the picture is to be returned to you. If so, Mr. Frame will return them when we finish with the picture(s). If not, we will accept the picture(s) as a donation to the museum. Please send pictures no later than May 13th 2016 to:

Frank Frame
53 Edgelea Drive
Chambersburg, PA 17201-1349

Thank you to all alumni who are able to help us with this project. Sarah Bair is most appreciative also!

Questions about the project may be referred to Sally Sheaffer ’65 at 717-578-1008.

I am very excited to see this book when completed.

Vickie “Portner” Cook ’73
SSVC Alumni Association
717-698-8905 (Please leave a message) (check it out)  

Scotland Family Forever!