Good morning,  Following a reunion message from Ken Beck ’74, President Alumni Association.
Dear Alumni:    

Hopefully everyone is doing well. Writing to you today because as we all know we are dealing with the Covid-19 virus. I have had a few question about Reunion. First let me say I am the last person that wants to cancel.  So what I am asking from you now is (this is mainly for the alumni that have to travel a good distance) – How much time do you need to either make or cancel your arrangements?  Right now we are not going to make any decision until May.  So if you would please give me honest opinion on how much time you will need. You can reply to this email or email me at Thanks for your help and hope we can still have the reunion. Thanks! Ken Beck

Scotland Family Forever!

Your Scotland Sister,

Vickie “Portner” Cook ’73
SSVC Alumni Association

717-698-8905 (Please leave a message) (check it out)