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    A Message from Ken Beck ‘74

    Following the success of the June Reunions, we are eager to let you know about other upcoming events.  The first is the Picnic on September 12th at Greene Township Park, right across from the pond entrance of the school.     Hector Robinson ’73 is our contact person and can answer any questions you may have. Hector’s contact information is inside the newsletter.  Next is the 12th Annual Golf Tournament on October 3rd. It will be held again at Eagles Crossing Golf Club in Carlisle.  If you’re a golfer and would like to enter a foursome, contact Jim Lowe ’70 and/or if you’d like to make a donation to the golf tournament, do so using the reservations/donations form on page 11.  We also have a Bingo fundraiser scheduled on October 24thProceeds from the Bingo event support the Franklin County Special Olympics and the SSVC Alumni Association.  Lastly for 2015, on November 14th is our “Homecoming” Dinner/Dance at the Chambersburg American Legion. Hope to see you at one or more of these events!


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    New Leadership for SSVC Alumni Association

    During the Reunion and after 12 years,  new officers were voted into office.  Ken Beck ’74 was elected President.  Ken served as Sergeant-at-Arms and then took the Treasurer position. He has much experience to move the Association forward.  Other officers elected are Jesse Wright ‘85; Vice President; Jerry Grove ‘79, Treasurer;  Vickie Portner Cook ‘73, Secretary; Dave Portner ‘69, Sergeant-at-Arms; and Dave Shaw ‘75, Sergeant-at-Arms.  Follows is a letter from your new Secretary and contact information for all new officers.

    Hello, I am Vickie “Portner” Cook ’73, the new secretary for the SSVC Alumni Association. I am excited about working for you to keep the Association going.  My sister and brothers; Karen, ’64, Mike ’67, Keith ’69 & Dave ’69 also attended Scotland. 

    Sally Sheaffer ’65 the past secretary did an awesome job for the alumni association.  Thank you Sally for your dedication and passion to dear old SSVC and the association.  Now you can be free to do bigger, but not necessarily better things.  Even though Sally is no longer the secretary, she isn’t getting off easy.  I will (as will others) still depend very heavily on her expertise.

    Our other Alumni Association officers are: Ken Beck ’74, President; Jesse Wright ’85, Vice President; Jerry Grove ’79, Treasurer; Dave Portner ’69 and Dave Shaw ’75, Sergeant-At-Arms.

    I would like to thank the past Alumni Officers – Jim Lowe ’70, President; Rick Gates ’69, Vice President; Sally Sheaffer ’65, Secretary; Ken Beck ’74, Treasurer; Randy Gates ’71 & Dave Shaw ’75, Sergeant-At-Arms.  They did an excellent job in keeping the alumni association alive.

    Sally has been so kind to continue notifying you of “Scotland Happenings” until we were successful in transferring information. We finally had success, so you can  begin notifying me

    with all SSVC related items. I will be sure to share with other alumni. My email address is:  GoCadets2015@comcast.net

    My phone number is 717-698-8905.  If you have contact

    information for other alumni please share with me, or have them contact me so I can update the database to ensure they receive emails, newsletters etc. On the topic of the Newsletter – I am interested to know if you would like to continue to receive future newsletters through U.S. mail or electronically.

    A few other resources for finding out about or posting information on Scotland Happenings are on our web-site at www.ssvcalumni.org, and Facebook.   Joel Scott ’97 is the webmaster of our web-site. 

    Please “save the dates” for the upcoming events which can be found on Page 1 of the Newsletter.

    Some people have asked how to join the alumni association. It is easy – just pay the dues.  Dues are $15 per alumni for two years.  Please send to:  SSVC Alumni Association, PO Box 129, Scotland, PA 17254.

    I look forward to working, and reconnecting with all of you.

    Take Care!

    Vickie “Portner” Cook ‘73

    Scotland Family Forever!